Circle of Sponsors

The West Valley Chorale acknowledges individual donors and businesses that support the arts and encourage local performances of great choral literature.

We welcome sponsorships or co-sponsorships of concerts by individuals or businesses. Annually, over 1,400 patrons attend our concerts. Our concert programs, website and Facebook postings reach several thousand music lovers in the West Valley and beyond. The concert sponsorship amount varies depending on the program, but is approximately $5,000. Sponsors are acknowledged in the printed concert program and on our website. Donors may choose to remain anonymous.

The list below recognizes those who have made donations from January 1, 2017 through July 1, 2018. We thank all of them for their generous support.

ANGEL $5000 +

Albertsons Foundation
West Valley Arts Council
Kellam Foundation

Jim Carlson and Lyn Konstant*
John Eisenach
Cece and Brien Hendrickson
Pat Messamer
Dr. Michael and Peggy Pollay
Ellie Tapscott

Advent Episcopal Church Men’s Club
Lynda Geames
Darold L. Graves
David and Judy Hodgins
Spencer and Alberta Lyon
Nancy Miller
Paul and Gretchen Phillips
Ginni Summers*
Earl and Sharon Thomas**
Mary and Tom York



Susan Aurich

Barbara and Whitney Benson

Gail Christianer

Kenneth and Margaret Clark

Thomas and Joanne Doran

Barbara Dorr

Virginia Ellwanger

Ted and Marietta Faszer

Lee Ann Faust

Hans and Lois Greithlein

Jack Ludwig

Norm and Susan Kelln

Pat and Larry Kilburn

Albert and Lynne Turner

Ed and Sally Williamson




Mary Dehn

Glen and Harla Farnham

Elizabeth Giannini*

Bud Hesterman

Barabara Lobodovsky

Marilyn McClanahan


*In Memoriam:Bill Summers

**In Memoriam:Minnie Eisenach



Patricia Lewis Finnell, Consultant

Norm and Susan Kelln: Donor Party

Larry Woods: Website Design