Messiah Learning Track Resources

Here are some good Messiah learning track resources.  The first two have parts sung by a vocalist.  The other two are very good midi learning tracks. – Our own Rod Fensom steered us to this resource.  It has all the choruses in part-predominant format.  It also allows you to slow the recording down.  This should be a big help to everyone.  You won’t be able to download the files to your computer.  The chorus has purchased a copy of the master file which will allow you to download your personal copy (part-dominant).  Click on the link above, choose your part, hit Checkout and add in the following code jim.ca6911-676  You should then be able to download the files to your computer.   –  Has all the choruses from Part I and some selections from Part 2.  Part specific.  Sung by vocalist. – Midi with orchestra in background.  Two speeds, performance and rehearsal.  Part specific.  Very clear midi.  Even though the link says “tenor”, it has folders for all voices. – This one is kind of cool.  Has all the parts in midi on YouTube but as the music plays, a little scroll tool goes over the actual words of the score.  Part specific.  Can play on your computer or download the .mp3 files to your computer.