West Valley Youth Vocal Competition
Supporting Young Vocal Talent

Through generous donations from our patrons and supporters during our 2016-17 and 2017-18 seasons, the Chorale implemented a vocal award program to recognize and support young vocalists during our 2017-18 season.  Auditions were held in November 2017 for students in the Dysart School District.  Awardees were:

  Elizabeth Juillet (Willow Canyon)$400
  Megan Lundberg (Valley Vista)  $400
  Abby Pruzinski (Valley Vista) $300
  Allison Belson (Valley Vista)$300
  Todd Horne (Valley Vista) $300
  Eliza Hill (Shadow Ridge)  $300

The two top award winners performed at our December and April Concerts: December – Elizabeth Juillet and April – Meagan Lundburg.

During our 35th season we will continue our vocal competition outreach, looking to reach a larger competitive pool.  Information on how and when to apply will be provided on our website and Facebook pages in early October.


We encourage our patrons and donors to support this important outreach and recognition effort. Donation jars will be available at all concerts to accept donations for the vocal award program.